Friday, January 6, 2012 the 2012 i become so materialistic

Lee Shu Er start to become Materialistic ?????OMG..i dont want to fall into that...
The first post of 2012 is i feel that i become so materialistic..i feel so ....
i like the me in past which wont think so much of branded staff because i really feel not worth and those branded bag is not nice ..

bt recently i dont know why i addicted to branded staff..omg

i want to change be4 is it too late..i dont want to be ANDrew

In fact , i know that every girl would like to have at least one branded bag in their life..and this is okay for me as well..because by the time i m a working adult , so i can afford those bagss and Kee Nai hoe Will buy for me in future also my point nw is..why girls must always chasing those branded staff?? i really dont understand..

For social class? or frame ? or feel better of compare to others??
bt for me ..i like the me in past which is , i would rather take the money to travel or do something useful instead of just for a bag..
thus, i must keep my Lee Shu er spirit nw ...dont always think of branded staff..:) then i will have more money to travel :) keke..
Kee Nai hoe..u see...i want go those places instead of just a BAG ya..keke


Andrew Aw said...

what do u mean by dun1 become me~==/// good to be me~^^~